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The 3rd NTC Silicon Valley Technopreneurship Forum

NTU students and alumni learn from accomplished business people at a forum in Silicon Valley, USA.

The third ‘NTC Silicon Valley Technopreneurship Forum’ organised by NTU’s Nanyang Technopreneurship Center (NTC), NTU Alumni Association (AA) (USA-West) and NTU’s Renaissance Engineering Program (REP) was successfully held on 26 April 2014 at the Tech Museum of Innovation in San Jose, California.

The forum was held in conjunction with NTC’s MSc TIP students' overseas immersion programme and was attended by some 180 participants. Among the attendees were MSc TIP students, REP students, K

auffman scholars, alumni and friends of NTU AA (USA-West), as well as budding entrepreneurs and Singaporeans from the bay area.

Some of the distinguished guests who addressed the forum participants included Mr Terence Ong, Regional Director of Contact Singapore; Professor Kam Chan Hin, NTU’s Senior Associate Provost for Undergraduate Education; Dr Hooi Den Huan, Director of Nanyang Technopreneurship Center; Dr Tan Lai Yong – Singapore’s Barefoot Doctor; Captain Budi Soehardi – CNN Hero 2009; Dr Eddy Lee, Principal at Fenox Venture Capital; Ms Nona Lim, Founder and CEO of Cook SF; Mr Bobby Chao, Founding Managing Director, DFJ Dragon Fund, Mr. Reza Hussein, Engineering Manage at Google, Mr. Joseph Huang, Managing Director of Technology at East West Bank.

There was a lively exchange of questions and views, and many inspiring start-up stories. Participants also had the opportunity to network with some very successful entrepreneurs based in Silicon Valley.

You can download a copy of the Program Booklet here