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MiE Leadership and Team Bonding Camp 2018

by Gloria Sun Yan Shan, English Literature and Art History
16 – 18 May 2018

In the recent Team Building Programme for the Minor in Entrepreneurship (MiE), students went through a three day two night camp from 16 to 18 May 2018, at both HomeTeam NS Bukit Batok as well as Terror Sea Scouts Campsite. During the three-day-two-night camp, students had the opportunity to instil team spirit, cultivate leadership skills and witness their own personal growth through the various activities that were planned out for them.

On the first day, icebreakers such as Identity Crisis and Shepard’s Walk were introduced where they get to know one another. In the High Elements activity, students had to complete a rope obstacle course where they were suspended a few metres above ground. Another activity called The Challenge Cubes required students to form groups of five as they navigate the five Cubes in almost total darkness. During their time in the various Cubes, they were not allowed to use their phones or torches, thus creating an environment where they had to rely on one another to get through each Cube.

In order for them to complete the activities, they had to rely on their ability to improvise as they move along, promoting creative thinking and problem solving skills, as well as effective communication in a team. To reinforce teamwork and effective communication, dinner was split into two activities where they first have to get their ingredients for the outdoor cookout before each group started delegating roles and responsibilities in the various areas of food preparation, cooking and fire management amongst their members.

They ended the day with a group sharing session, where it encourages introspection in the students as they reflect on the day and how the various activities had affected them and the people around them.

On the second day, teamwork and understanding one another were once again emphasised through activities such as the DiSC Personality Profiling and the Deep Blue Sea programme. In the profiling activity, students get to learn more about themselves as well as their fellow students attending the camp, hence promoting empathy amongst the students. The Deep Blue Sea programme consists of two parts; one was the paddling activity, where teams had to paddle around Seletar Island where they collected information for the proposal that they have to present during the showcasing programme, “Shark Tank”.

With those activities, they create a sense of camaraderie among the students as they have to interact with each other while they get from one destination to another, as well as their teamwork through working with different people to execute a final product such as a presentation.

In the final activities of the camp, the focus was shifted away from the group activities that they went through in the last two days to the students’ individual personal growth throughout the camp. The activity, “Walk Of Life” was conducted where they would do an extended personal reflection activity, which was based on Paulo Coelho’s book, The Alchemist. At the final debrief, students gave feedback to each member of their team on what they have accomplished during the camp. To wrap everything up, a certificate presentation was held, awarding the students for their participation before heading back to school.

Though the camp has ended, it did not signify the end of the students’ journey in MiE. On the contrary, it marked the beginning where the students are now better equipped with the skills that they have acquired in the camp to face whatever obstacles that they may encounter in their entrepreneurial journey.