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ICSB Singapore is established to provide a sense of community and a network of support to ICSB members and enhance their ability to facilitate the growth and development of small and medium enterprises in Singapore.

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Asia Council for Small Business Secretariat (Interim Report Sep 2016 - Jan 2017)

Chapter Introduction

The International Council for Small Business Singapore (ICSB Singapore) hereinafter referred to as “the Chapter” is committed to a free exchange of ideas through education, research, publications, conferences and the demonstrated commitment and competence of its members for a better worldwide understanding of the smaller business enterprise and its management. The ICSB Singapore is specifically committed to:

a. Improving management knowledge, techniques and skills of small businesses throughout the world.

b. Developing an understanding of business situations throughout the world to promote the free exchange of expertise.

c. Coordinating and cooperating with the various governmental institutions dedicated to the improvement of small business wherever they may be in the world.

d. Publishing and/or providing learned material to add to the knowledge and expertise of its membership and other interested persons.

e. Stimulating people, governments, institutions and private businesses to lead in the development, dissemination and implementation of sound business practices.

f. Advocating the formation and growth of small businesses as a mechanism for economic growth and development.

g. Promoting the development of knowledge in all areas of business theory and practice as well as strategies and policies proven to be effective in sustaining small and medium enterprises and entrepreneurship.

The Chapter accomplishes this by bringing together educators, researchers, policy makers and practitioners to share knowledge and experience in their respective fields and particular to the context of Singapore.

Chapter Purpose

The purpose of ICSB Singapore is to provide services to members in accordance with the official ICSB Vision and Mission and to create synergies for the Chapter from the relationship with the ICSB International Office. ICSB Singapore will represent its membership’s interests to the ICSB Board of Directors and other international and national bodies of interest.

• ICSB Vision: To advance entrepreneurship and small business worldwide by sharing global knowledge and experience through global networks.

• ICSB Mission: ICSB is the professional body for all individuals and organizations promoting entrepreneurship and the development and management of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in all parts of the world.


Partnership between SCAPE and ICSB Singapore

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SCAPE and ICSB Singapore to partner and commemorate UN's MSME Day (27 June)


ICSB Singapore Events and Activities 


The Nanyang Tecnopreneurship Case Centre can be viewed here.

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