Entrepreneurship Development Programmes (English)



Entrepreneurship Development Programme (EDP) is dedicated to providing the effective and efficient short-term education and training on innovation and entrepreneurship to general public and those with specific interests in new business ventures. In line with the national strategy initiatives on entrepreneurship and lifelong learning, EDP orchestrates a series of practice-relevant, learner-centric and innovative courses that are keeping pace with the rapid change of the time to adapt and meet customer’s reality and potential requirements. By learning both the project-focused and person-focused contents, course participants will obtain different levels of knowledge and skills required for enterprise development, and develop human capital assets related to enterprising behaviour. In sum, participants will be able to either start and manage their own business venture, or apply entrepreneurial behaviour in any walk of life they would choose to be in. 


​​​​​​​ Updated on 17 August 2018.​ ​
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