Entrepreneurship Development Programmes (English)



Entrepreneurship Development Programme​ opens two broad categories of entrepreneurship courses addressing the needs for enterprising and personal development.

Open courses offer standardised modules on innovation and entrepreneurship covering the concept and value of entrepreneurship, critical entrepreneurial competencies, and topics on the life cycle of an enterprise including:


At the same time, other critical entrepreneurial competencies such as skills in communication, negotiation, problem-solving, design thinking, creativity, leadership and time management will also be covered through the courses.

The public can apply to the open courses at the certain time of year.

“The Chua Thian Poh Train the Trainer” programme is our flagship open course.

We also have years of experience in delivering customised courses on innovation and entrepreneurship for international companies, universities, and other institutions with the expertise of NTU’s renowned research faculty, the experience of our course design team and instructors, and the first-hand practices from the budding, successful and even failed entrepreneurs around the world.  

Updated on 30 August 2018.​ ​​​​​