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SkillsFuture Series: Artificial Intelligence & Business Strategy (IV)



Recent technological advances in the area of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is transforming business and entrepreneurial landscapes dramatically. AI has already penetrated firmly into many spheres of our business, professional and even personal life. Its ability to streamline and improve business processes, create innovative products and services, and solve complex tasks is producing an unprecedented level of new possibilities resulting in a massive growth of entrepreneurial activities and other businesses.

In this series, participants will understand the fundamental aspects of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its up-to-date technological development. Especially, participants will get insights on how AI can be applied in various industry verticals, and thus to reimagine and develop future businesses with AI.​

Topics Covered

Module 1: Overview of Artificial Intelligence and Its Entrepreneurial Landscape, Computer Vision and Machine Learning

*NTC reserves the right to reserves the right to make changes to the above programme schedule according to the circumstances at any particular time.​

Programme Fee & Schedule

Full Programme Fee: S$3,600 (w/o GST)

Programme Dates: 1 - 3 March 2021 (Monday to Wednesday)

Teaching Mode: synchronous e-learning (NTULearn + ZOOM)​

Fees & Funding

1.   SkillsFuture Series

Funding Type



Base Grant

(Capped at ​$13,000)

Singaporean / Singaporean PR Age 21 & Above

Course Fee: $3,600 - $2,520 = $1,080
GST: $75.60

Full Fee Payable: $1,155.60

Enhanced Subsidy

(Capped at $13,000)

Singaporea​​n ​Age 40 & Above

Course Fee: $3,600 - $3,240 = $360
GST: $75.60
Full Fee Payable: $

Enhanced Training Support

(Capped at $13,000)

Singaporean / Singaporean PR who is SME Sponsored 

Course Fee: $3,600 - $3,240 = $360
GST: $75.60
Full Fee Payable: 

SkillsFuture Course Code(s): 

2.   SkillsFuture Credit
Singapore Citizens aged 25 and above may use their SkillsFuture Credits (up to S$500) to pay for the course fees. The credits may be used on top of existing course fee funding. This is only applicable to self-sponsored participants. Applications via 
MySkillsFuture.sg must be made within 60 days before course commencement. Please click here for the user guide on how to submit your claim.

From 1 April 2020, a one-off 
SkillsFuture Credit top-up of $500 will be provided to every Singapore Citizens aged 25 years and above as at 31 December 2020. This top-up will expire on 31 December 2025. Eligible Singaporeans can now start using their one-off credit top-up to offset the full fee payable.

3.   Absentee Payroll
Companies who sponsor their employees for the course may apply for Absentee Payroll via the SkillsConnect system. For more information, please visit SkillsConnect. 

4.   NTU Alumni Course Credit
From 1 July 2019, NTU alumni may utilise their course credits of S$1,600.00 to co-pay up to 50% of the nett fee (exclusive of prevailing GST) payable for courses with starting date from 1 July 2019 ​onwards. This is only applicable to self-sponsored participants.​ There will be no administrative fee involved for the use of NTU Alumni Course Credits on courses with starting date from 1 July 2019 onwards. For more information, please visit 

5.   SEP Training Allowance

Leveraging the Government’s Self-Employed Person (SEP) Support Scheme and co-funded by the Government and NTUC, the NTUC Training Fund (SEPs) now allows SEPs to earn as they train.  It also aims to support SEPs in deepening and/or acquiring new competencies during this lull period, in preparation for when the economy picks up and new opportunities arise. For details, please click HERE​.

Course Assessment

An online assessment will be conducted at the end of the course.​


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