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Innovative Thinking Strategies for SMEs


Course Overview

This 2.5 day Innovation Capacity Development programme is specially designed by Nanyang Technopreneurship Center of NTU to cater to the needs of SMEs to build up innovation capacity. It focuses on cutting edge innovation and productivity management methods, in particular design thinking and rethinking business model. These innovative thinking strategies that will help SMEs to take new approach to address common challenges of enterprise growth, enabling SME to better appreciate the holistic meaning of innovation that is beyond technological domain.​


Course Synopsis                                                 

 Design Thinking for SMEs ( Day 1)


Design thinking is a well defined methodology that provides clear guidelines and tools that can be used in the business setting to guide entrepreneurs and SMEs as to how they can approach the innovation process. Fundamentally, Design Thinking imbues the full spectrum of innovation activities with a human-centered design ethos, where the emphasis is on gaining a thorough understanding of the users and their fundamental needs. In this workshop, participants will use a variety of pedagogical approaches to learn about the Design Thinking principles and skills.  Through a case, participants will learn how an organization approaches Design Thinking, and the organizational elements associated with the approach.  Participants will then be introduced to the key elements of Design Thinking through short in-class exercises. Finally, participants will be given the chance to apply what they have learned about design thinking in an actual exercise solving a problem. 



Business Model  for SMEs (Day 2) 

This one-day program aims to achieve two main objectives. First, we assist you to understand where you stand now. To achieve this, we provide a simple framework to assist participants (a) addressing the critical need to revamp the business model; (b) assessing their strategic strengths and weaknesses and their long-term profitability and survival; and (c) setting the strategic direction to embrace a new business model. Second, we teach you how to innovate your business model for a better future. To achieve this, we will introduce a practical tool to help participants (a) operationalizing a business model by analyzing and integrating nine building blocks, namely, customer segments, value proposition, channels, customer relationships, revenue streams, key resources, key activities, key partnerships and cost structure; (b) through case studies, familiarizing five new business model patterns, namely, unbundling, long-tail, multi-market platform, freemium, and open; and (c) through group discussions, applying the toolset to analyze and innovate your own business model. ​


Mentorship Tutorial (one week after ) 

After the main training, a mandatory mentoring tutorial session will take place one week after the training. This session will be held after work to minimise disturbance of participants working schedule. The session is put in place to recap the key takeaways and share issues faced with the action plan. Mentors will also provide them with additional insights and group based consultation. 

Who should attend

SME entrepreneurs, managers, engineers and executives 

Course BenefitS 

  • ​​​Interactive lectures and small-group exercises
  • Diverse, practical, inspirational curriculums 
  • Ready to use templates and guides to facilitate learning  
  • Knowledge and insights, skills and stories from experienced instructors 
  • Catalysed experiential learning within a contemporary, practical learning environment 
  • Invigorated teaching styles including discussions, exercises, presentations etc. 
  • Enriched content with examples and case studies

Programme Assessment 

Upon the completion of the training programme , participants will be required to complete an action learning plan to address a certain critical development issue of his/her own company and do a presentation to introduce the implementation of the action learning plan. 


Upon the completion of the programme, the participants will be awarded a Certificate of Attainment by Nanyang Technopreneurship Center, Nanyang Technological University. 

Instructors and Mentors 

All trainings will be conducted by experienced academic professors and seasoned industrial players. All of them are experienced instructors with extensive industrial and educational experience. Profiles of the instructors can be found here. 



Course Information

 Usual fee is $1600. With WDA subsidy*, you need to pay $495 only.   

  17-18 Sep 2015   9:30 am–5:00pm              

  25 Sep 2015        7:00pm-9:00pm

  Venue:  NTU@OneNorth 

 Registration Closed 




 Nora Wu   Tel: 65922598                                                                                                                       Email: fasttrac@ntu.edu.sg


















The above teaching schedule and content maybe adjusted to suit your company’s need. 
* Terms and condition apply