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               8 Day  Entrepreneurship Learning Journey


Program Objectives 

Nanyang Technopreneurship Center is honoured to develop this 8 Day Transformational Entrepreneurship Learning Journey that is aimed to nurture global entrepreneurs of the future to prepare for the enterprising Asia. This course help participants to hone the skills needed to create, manage, and grow a successful business as well as to cultivate an enterprising and creative mindset that is critical for sustainability and success. 


Program Overview 

This program focuses on six learning aspects that complements the main aim of inculcate an entrepreneurial mind and impart entrepreneurship knowledge to help students open the door to entrepreneurship in a short period of time.  Through the various integrated learning aspects and the hands on involvement of developing a business plan, students will get to experience the joy and challenge of being an entrepreneur.


Program Participants

This program is designed for undergraduates or postgraduates who have keen interest in entrepreneurship and wish to learn and gain exposure in Singapore. The advised size of class is 20-36 people.  

The six key learning aspects:

1.Entrepreneurship Training: Students will learn the result proven FastTrac® New Venture™ Program, a 30-hour course that is designed specifically for aspiring entrepreneurs who have an idea for a business, but need a plan and framework to successfully launch. At the end of training, there will be a business showcase competition to allow participants to apply what they have learnt and showcase their talent. Real venture capital investors will be invited to evaluate their performance and provide valuable comments.

2.Capacity Building: This aspect consists of a specially designed 1 day team building and leadership program that is aimed to build up participants’ physical, emotional and intelligence quotient to better prepare them for the challenges of being an entrepreneur. Participants will undertake a range of challenging and inspiring tasks to build up synergy between each other. 

3.Technology Frontier: During the program, participants will visit Fusionworld, a one stop interactive exhibition that showcases the latest scientific breakthroughs in Singapore.  Participants will also visit several leading, cutting edge research labs in NTU such as new media innovation or 3D printing. 

4.Start-up Exposure:  Dubbed as the next Silicon Valley, Singapore is making its own mark on the world map with unique features that differentiate Asia’s Entrepreneur Valley from America’s home of tech innovators and manufacturers. Participants will also get to visit some of the leading start up incubation facilities in Singapore such as Launchpad .

5.Creative Thinking: Be exposed to some of latest topics in creative thinking such as design thinking and platform thinking that will effectively contribute towards enhancing participants’ innovation capability.

6.Multicultural Exchange: Through interactions with local students, it gives participants the opportunity to have intercultural communications. Attend local cultural workshops to learn more about South East Asian’s culture and learn what Singapore has to offer as a unique link point between the East and the West.


Contact Information

Email: edpen@ntu.edu.sg​
 Updated 7 June 2018.