Innovation Immersion Programme



Innovation Immersion Programme (IIP) is a student-run professional consulting association based in the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, one of the top business and engineering schools in the world, with chartered member universities around the globe. Nanyang Technopreneurship Center (NTC) is the Singapore representative for the programme.

As an entrepreneurial, student-led technology consulting organisation, we connect students from a multitude of disciplines and countries, including United States, Sweden, Israel, Taiwan, South Korea & Singapore. Consultants can expect to gain exposure to international networks and start-up communities during their consultancy project.

IIP Singapore has been managed by students, in collaboration with NTC, since September 2014. To find out more, head over to our Facebook page at If you have any queries, send us an email to


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IIP seeks to enhance collaboration between global technology clustery by providing a platform for information, exchange and engagement.


  • Create a global innovation platform that facilitates exchange of information and ideas.
  • Network preeminent students, companies and universities to promote the advancement and spread of technology and entrepreneurship.

​Date ​Event ​Description
25 January 2016, 18:30 hrs
Information Session Interested to find out more about what IIP is and what you can expect from your IIP journey

Head down to our information session to discover more and hear from past IIP participants - sign up 
25 January 2016, 23:59 hrs

​Application Deadline

Submit your application here and send a copy of your latest resume to

Shortlisted applicants will be contacted via email to attend an interview.

26 - 28 January 2016

Interview Period
​Interviews will be conducted and selected applicants will be notified by the end of the week.
Participants will be assigned to teams and p​​roject placement will be confirmed. 
February 2016 ​Training Sessions ​Consultants have the opportunity to participate in various training sessions such as:
- Team Bonding
- Orientation and Training
- Library Database Training
- Consultancy Training
12 February -
16 May 2016
Consultancy Project ​Consultants will work on a 14-week long consultancy project through virtual meetings generally lasting an hour each, 2-3 times weekly.
16 - 20 May 2016
Immersion Trip ​​Consultants will travel to South Korea to present their final deliverables to their clients as part of the immersion trip. Other highlights of the trip includes visits to technopreneurial start-ups and networking opportunities with business leaders and international consultants.

How it works? 

Team Structure

NTU undergraduates will take the role of consultant. 

Who can apply?

IIP is designed to leverage the strengths of students from a variety of disciplines. All applicants will be evaluated based on their abilities and merits. This is a highly-selective organisation that allows outstanding students an opportunity to differentiate themselves from their peers.


Students must be:

• A NTU undergraduate

• Able to dedicate about 10 hours a week

• Able to work with ambiguity

• Independent and resourceful in data collection and presentation

• Excited to work with teams from different countries

• Responsible and committed to see through the completion of project

• Analytical, possess maturity of thoughts

• Interested in tech, innovation, and entrepreneurship

• Self motivated and be open-minded to expect and take up various challenges.

Click here and apply to be one of the 10 consultants to join the IIP Spring Cycle 2016 (Batch 6)!

What other information do I need to know?

Do take note that the organisers cannot yet confirm the amount of the subsidies for the immersion trip and student consultants may need to seek their own funds to finance the programme/trip.

Look through our FAQs, if you cannot find an answer, send your enquiry to