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E-Startups and Social Media Strategies


What kind of skills and expertise will be in demand when you graduate? While it is difficult to give a general answer of the specific skills required for the different industries, one common skill that is most valued by employers of graduates is innovativeness.

Such skills will not only help you in your career advancement, but also when you decide to be your own boss. In fact, leaders of advanced countries over the world are making efforts to encourage entrepreneurship among their young citizens, highlighting the importance of entrepreneurship.

NTC seeks to equip the Undergraduate students of NTU with the essential innovative and entrepreneurial mindset through the various programme offerings: Minor In Entrepreneurship (MiE) Programme , Bioentrepreneurship Elective and the Introduction to Entrepreneurship Elective.

With the exception of the Bioentrepreneurship Elective, which is specially designed for the School of Biological Sciences, NTC’s Undergraduate Programmes are open to all NTU students: Engineering, Science, Mathematics, Humanities, Communications, Arts Design, Accountancy and Business. The pre-requisite is that all applicants must have the passion for entrepreneurship and the desire to make a meaningful difference to humanity.


For enquries regarding Minor in Entrepreneurship, please email us at MiE@ntu.edu.sg

For enquiries regarding other undergraduate programmes, please email us at NTCundergrad@ntu.edu.sg

Updated on 18 November 2016.