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Introduction to Entrepreneurship


Entrepreneurs are the creators and builders of new ventures that not only fulfil their own dreams, bring them a huge fortune but also make a strong impact on the society and improve the lives of people.

A successful venture will lead to new or improved products/services, create new jobs and add values for owners, investors and the society. Starting up a venture is not difficult if you know how although a successful venture requires more than knowledge on entrepreneurship.

This course is an exploration into the fundamentals of entrepreneurship. Upon successful completion of the course, you would have a good understanding of entrepreneurship; the issues encountered on the entrepreneurial journey; and most importantly, how you can become an entrepreneur yourself. 

Specifically, the course covers aspects of accounting and finance essential for entrepreneurial ventures, basic concepts on commercialization of technology, management of intellectual property and entry and exit strategies.

Course Schedule

Schedule for ET9121 AY19 Semester 1 (Batch 46 and 47)


  • Introductory sessions are open to all NTU students who are keen on taking the programme. A brief outline and introduction of the programme will be given.

  • Students are required to work on online assessment activities during online lessons week. In the event where an online session cannot be conducted due to a technical problem, learning materials will be provided via email or any formal medium deemed appropriate by the management.

  • Students who have taken ET9121 Introduction to Entrepreneurship will be exempted from ET9131 Entrepreneurship and Marketing for New Ventures of the Minor in Entrepreneurship programme. 

Assessment Details

Students will be assessed based on individual class participation and contribution, team-based project, team feasibility analysis project and individual reflection report.

Application Details

Registration is done through STARS.


For enquires regarding the ET9121 Introduction to Entrepreneurship, email NTCundergrad@ntu.edu.sg .

Updated on 27 May 2019