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Minor in Entrepreneurship


The Minor in Entrepreneurship programme (MiE) is designed to equip students with fundamental entrepreneurship competency, business acumen and stamina to build and grow businesses. Students will be enriched with an open mindset to bring innovative ideas into actualization and to inspire students to be venturesome and more resilient in this ever changing world.

Described as a "transformational learning experience" by past graduates, this programme demonstrates how entrepreneurship is not solely about starting a new business - it is a mindset. The lessons are conducted by business leaders, entrepreneurs, intellectual property lawyers and dedicated academics. Students will learn to identify when and how to seize opportunities that come with change. Students will be placed in an interactive learning environment in the form of team-based projects, real life stimulations, role-playing and practical experiences. There will also be many networking and social settings for the students to meet professionals and successful entrepreneurs.

Programme Information

The Minor in Entrepreneurship constitutes a total of 16 Academic Units (UE), and takes about one academic year to complete. Students must pass all five modules in order to obtain the Minor in Entrepreneurship. The modules are not allowed to be read separately as individual electives.

Assessment is based on class exercises, case-studies analysis, group projects, presentations and reports. There is a heavy emphasis placed on class participation and attendance. ET9132 Entrepreneurial Accounting and Finance module consists of a formal examination.

Students who have completed the ET9121 Introduction to Entrepreneurship module will be exempted from ET9131 Entrepreneurship and Marketing for New Ventures module. Hence, will only be required to complete the other four modules to be eligible to file for the Minor in Entrepreneurship.

Do note that for ET9135 Business Venture Implementation, it will be conducted over a span of six months. There is a total of seven physical lessons and consultation sessions for the ET9135 module, to be conducted on two weekday evenings and five Saturdays. This module consists of two parts. In Part A, students are required to create and run a real business of their choice, while in Part B, students are to attend entrepreneurship-related events as part of their coursework requirements. 
For more details, feel free to browse our e-brochure.

Course Schedule

AY16/17 Semester 1 Vacation – Batch 44
AY16/17 Special Term 1 – Batch 45
AY16/17 Special Term 2 – Batch 46

The course timetable is subject to change, and changes will be communicated directly to students by email or through the NTULearn Blackboard announcement.
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Application Details

Application for Semester 1 Vacation (December) Intake will open in September 2017.

Interview Details




Applicants will receive an email for the selection of interview timeslot.


•  NTC will contact the applicant via email to arrange for a compulsory group interview session for the selection process. Please note that application is not based on first-come-first-serve basis.

•  Deadline to select the interview date and timeslot is TBC. Applicants are required to indicate the preferred interview date and timeslot selection by the stipulated deadline.


You are eligible to apply for the programme if you are:

- An NTU undergraduate, regardless of discipline of study
- Responsible and committed to see through the completion of the programme

You are not eligible to apply for the programme if you:

- Will graduate before the programme completion
- Completed MPS812 Entrepreneurship module and/or other mutually exclusive modules with the exception of ET9121 Introduction to Entrepreneurship


- Students who are having their IA or equivalent during the period of ET9135 may still apply for this programme as the consultation sessions are conducted on Saturdays.
- Should there be insufficient qualified candidates in the batch, the batch may be closed.
- The S/U option does not apply to courses that count towards the requirements for the minor programme.

Hear from our Alumni

"MiE has been a transformational learning experience for me. With a rigorous mix of theory and practical, MiE gave me a good start in developing the mindset and skills of an entrepreneur."
Lim Vina, Batch 35
Nanyang Business School

"MiE helped me to develop an entrepreneurial mindset, giving me a more meaningful life. MiE is a life-changing experience not to be missed out!"
Muhd Hafiz Bin Mohd Jumari, Batch 36
Sports Science and Management

"Developing an enterprising mindset is one of the most crucial steps not only towards maximising our contributions to the society, but also towards self-actualisation. The Minor in Entrepreneurship programme has provided me with an opportunity to widen my horizon of thinking and creativity, and network with some of the best and brightest minds in today's industry. In addition, a channeled course of action towards realising these ideas is also necessary, which our instructors guided us on the implementation."
Akshay Raman, Batch 37
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

For enquiries regarding the Minor in Entrepreneurship programme (MiE), email

Updated on 22 May 2017.