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New Venture Financing


This course aims to help you to better appreciate the startup formation process, in particular, in securing proper venture financing to ringfence intellectual property intangibles, undertake product developments, talent acquisitions, market expansion and ultimately leading to a viable exit strategy for all stakeholders.  

You will be able to understand the entrepreneurship development from a funding / financing viewpoint. At the same time, you will gain insights on the investment perspectives from both the entrepreneurs and Venture Capital firms with respect to the funding cycles and expectations.  

This course will clarify key financial concepts, accounting principles and market practices that will better equip aspiring entrepreneurs to secure funding for their new ventures.

This course is suitable for those who are planning and currently involved in startup creation and would like to gain suitable skillsets on how to secure funding from different channels and sources.  

Course Schedule

Assessment Details

Students will be assessed based on individual class participation and contribution, team-based project and presentation, as well as an examination.

Application Details

Registration is done through STARS.​​

For enquiries regarding ET9132 New Venture Financing, email NTCundergrad@ntu.edu.sg​​

Updated on 29 November 2020