Kauffman FastTrac@ Growth Venture


Programme 课程介绍

Who Should Attend

  • Singapore SME Entrepreneurs and Managers.
  • 新加坡中小企业的企业家和职业经理人。

Programme Content 课程内容

Take your business to the next level with a course designed specifically to help your business grow effectively and efficiently:

  • Analyze your current business situation
  • Identify the best growth opportunities
  • Determine a model for growth
  • Build a budget that supports your vision and strategic plan
  • Find ways to strengthen your product/service
  • Determine the best sales strategies for your market
  • Optimize the roles and responsibilities of your management team
  • Discover the operational systems needed to support your growing business
  • Improve your profitability and financial performance
  • Implement your business plan

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  • 分析企业现状
  • 寻找最佳成长机会
  • 确定增长模式
  • 制定实现战略计划和愿景的预算
  • 探索提升产品/服务的路径
  • 决定最佳的市场进入战略
  • 充分发挥管理团队的作用
  • 建立支持企业规模增长的运营系统
  • 提高你的盈利能力和财务表现
  • 实施你的商业计划