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Director’s message

Entrepreneurship plays an increasingly critical role in the global economy. Its essence is not just about starting ventures, but more on value creation and capture through a genuine understanding of human needs and the development of innovative products and services. To achieve a higher impact, we need to embrace the latest technological breakthroughs (e.g., IoT, artificial intelligence, big data), and tap into disruptive technologies for innovation and entrepreneurship.

In the eyes of people taking an entrepreneurial path, the future is not just a continuation of the past, but a result of purposeful and creative efforts. At NTC, we adopt a broad and vibrant definition of entrepreneurship, from leadership to management, operation, and innovation. Capability building and mindset change are both crucial to entrepreneurial success, be it idea generation, prototyping, new product design, risk taking, or perseverance. Therefore, we strive to bring together creators, coders, makers, designers, and marketers, who are of diverse expertise and background, to form interdisciplinary teams to address business problems in a global context.

NTU truly provides the right environment with invaluable network of resources to educate the next-generation technopreneurs. NTU has been ranked as one of the top universities, joining the league of MIT, Stanford and Princeton. We have one of the most beautiful campuses in the world, empowering the close collaboration between scientists and business gurus of diverse backgrounds. As the driving force of innovation and entrepreneurship at NTU, we are committed to develop these talents on how to think, judge, decide, and act under intrinsic uncertainty to survive and thrive, for both Singapore and a global economy.

A/P Wen Yonggang
Director, Nanyang Technopreneurship Center