About Us


Mission and Vision

As part of its mission to deliver a holistic entrepreneurship education, NTC encourages passion as a key motivator for dreams to be realised. This inculcates an entrepreneurial mindset to initiate innovative changes wherever possible; harnesses technology as an enabling tool for learning and business; and stresses the importance of developing responsible and ethical entrepreneurs who are committed to using their entrepreneurial expertise and resources to bring about significant economic and social development in the communities in which they operate. Entire communities stand to benefit over the long term when livelihoods and lives are uplifted in this way, and this in essence, the ethos of the NTC’s philosophy. 

4-Tier Vision

  • To be a major partner in the nation's effort to promote and develop a technopreneurial environment leading to a vibrant and thriving sector of high growth technology-oriented companies.
  • To provide students with the best innovation and entrepreneurship education in an environment with the necessary skills and knowledge to become successful 21st century entrepreneur or intrapreneur (corporate entrepreneur).
  • To make NTC the Center of Competence in Asia Pacific in innovation and entrepreneurship education and industry-related applied research.
  • To make NTC the best organisation and workplace in Asia Pacific for people who are deeply passionate about technopreneurship and innovation.

Updated on 22 September 2018.